Do classes run all year round?
Classes run the same dates as the Victorian school terms. Classes DO generally operate on public holidays unless otherwise advised.

Can my child enrol for classes mid-term?
During Terms 1 and 2 yes, if there are places available. Enrolments during Term 3 are subject to availability and at the teacher’s discretion as many classes will have already started working towards end-of-year performances. Enrolments will generally not be accepted during Term 4.

Can my child switch from one class to another?
If a class is deemed unsuitable for your child, a transfer to a more appropriate class can be arranged if places are available. Any transfer will be at the discretion of the teacher and/or Director of the School.

Can my child switch from one discipline to another?
Yes, depending upon availability in the new class and your child meeting skill level requirements in the new discipline.

Can parents sit in on classes?
No, parents are not allowed into the studio while classes are on as we feel that this distracts the students. There is a viewing window into Studio A but the other studios are closed. We do however allow parents to sit in on their child’s classes on the last day of each term.

How much do classes cost?
Our fee system is based on a sliding scale, so the more hours you do with us per term the cheaper it becomes per hour. Download our fee schedule here or contact reception for more details of our fee structure.

If my child takes classes at the school does that mean they are automatically part of Centrestage Agency?
No. Entry to Centrestage Agency is by audition only. Auditions are held regularly and if your child is interested you should go to for more information.

Are there performance at the end of the year?
Yes, there are annual end of year concerts in October/November/December for ALL drama, dance, musical theatre and private singing students. The ‘Spotlight’ drama concerts (three performances) are held in October and we also schedule ‘Singing Soiree’ performances for all private singing students on dates to be advised by singing teachers. Dance and Musical Theatre students are divided into Junior School and Senior School Concerts and take part in three performances each.

Does my child have to participate in end-of-year performances?
Yes, we are a PERFORMING arts school.

Do they have to participate in all scheduled performances?
Yes. The performances are rehearsed for months beforehand and students must be available for ALL performances.

Do you teach any musical instruments?
Yes, private piano lessons are available.

What other facilities do you offer?
We have a canteen that sells coffee, drinks and snacks, a large reception/green room area with plasma televisions, recording studio and our drama studios convert to a black box theatre.

What payment options are available?
We have eftpos facilities or direct deposits can be made directly to the school. However there is a 1.5% surcharge on all eftpos transactions.