Ages 3+

.5 to 1.5 Hours per week
Jazz is a broad dance term for many styles of dance – including theatrical, hip-hop, funk and “video clip”. The classes include stretching and technique. 

Ages 3+
.5 to 1 Hour per week
Rhythmic and percussive dance style. A flexible body is not essential – just lots of energy and a “quick” sense of musicality through the feet

Ages 4+
1 Hour per week
Classical Ballet technique to gain the foundation of all good dance training. We teach the British Ballet Organisation syllabus. BBO is a worldwide system based on strong discipline and artistry. 

Ages 6+
2 Hours per week
Students must take 2 hours of Ballet per week if they wish to do an BBO Ballet exam – usually in August.

Ages 11+
.5 Hours per week
An extension of the ballet class where female students dance on full pointe (i.e. toes). Students are assessed individually for readiness for this class. 

Ages 6+
1 to 1.5 Hours per week
This dance class is for the serious dancer only as it requires an extra commitment during school holidays for competition work. Students must attend every rehearsal and if more than one lesson per term is missed then participation will be re-assessed. 

Ages 8+
1 Hour per week
A class for students who will be challenged both mentally and physically with an emphasis on movements beginning from an actors point of view. Can include students who have limited experience. 

Ages 10+
1 Hour per week
Designed for those who want to join in the energy and fun of breakdance. No experience necessary. 

Ages 7+
1 Hour per week
Improve flexibility and learn how to lose your fear of flying. These classes will be grouped according to age and experience and will work to a performance in the end of year concerts.